Which game concepts in MoM are broken?

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Re: Which game concepts in MoM are broken?

Post by Asfex » Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:08 am

about petrify: this is ugly spell. he has analogue: crack call, disintegrate, banish.. all of these is cheaper and powerer.
The crack call + web cost less even.I cannot imagine situation the petrify was designed for.Even the shadow demons and wraith have too big resistance.May be its "anti-wrathform" spell? the sutuation is better than crack call is the unit is flying or non-corporeal.Also i dont see the way to improove petrify without make it similar to existing spells.(except i just realized).

the feature of the nature spell is bypass immunity. so, stone giant is rock -throving to bypass guardian wind,crack call -to bypass magic immunity (and resistance), spiders -to bypass conter magic.Make crack-call resistance -dependent will break the nature concept.also it gets a lot of immunities: flying and non-corporeal.(may be merging also). may be the magic immunity protect from the petrify is a bug.

Good crack call resistance based with a high spell save is a pumped banish.
kyrub wrote: The main point is to give you the MIX of these, instead of 1 spell that works like a miracle and a bunch of economical value spells, that feel totally interchangeable. This will make this spell branch attractive to play, the concept will work.
Every spell should have a distinctive situation, distinctive combat moment for its use.

I agree completely. except...
"let's hurt him at least" spells must not exist. it must be overland spells.Like metoer storm.I offer even the one additional round of the combat after the opponent had fleed to cast raise dead, healing, e.t.s. I also dislike "cast posession then flee".I glad its not happens.

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Re: Which game concepts in MoM are broken?

Post by kyrub » Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:52 am

Asfex wrote:about petrify: this is ugly spell.....
.... may be the magic immunity protect from the petrify is a bug.
Ugly. yes. I always rememeber the moment: I have found out basilisk, cockatrice and I cannot find out what to do with their stoning ability. They "stone" every turn of combat, but this does not help me at nodes, and not so much in the lairs.... And suddenly, there comes a new spell, new hope... ouch. Petrify. It's the same stoning business, and you have to PAY for the thing that basilisk can do automatically. And basilisk is stronger in petrifying (although it is per figure). :?

And no, should not be protected from magic immunity. Not a bug.

Let us face it, the Cracks call is so overpowered that every combat damage spell that follows is next to useless. The petrify should be changed totally to something like a "combat stasis" or "lose counterattack" or whatsoever. Or overland damage effect.

Or it should be pump-able (like banish).

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Re: Which game concepts in MoM are broken?

Post by Asfex » Fri Mar 05, 2010 3:17 am

the dearest non-green non-flying creature is hydra (650) next is storm giant (600). So, every unit has a "crack call " immunity.it's a big limitation for the crack call.so, i do not think crack call is overpowered.May be to change the probability from 1/4 to 1/5.
Also ," the webed unit lose flight ability until end of combat" helps crack call a lot.(btw, the only flight after dispelling the web can rebring flying again). What do you want from the resistance and immunity -independent spell?
Except it compares with a petrify :).The confusion have more chances to be sucessfull onto this monsters.
The Cockatrices is very useful agains demons, and even death lords.With a resist elemets he can kill gorgons at the nature nodes at the 1:1 chance.Also basilisk kill one behemoth such way outside a node.

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