In permanent limbo and can't die?

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In permanent limbo and can't die?

Post by eggsome » Tue Jun 23, 2020 11:39 am

Thanks so much for your last update, really appreciate your work.

I just started a game and went scouting with my initial 2 units.
Not long after some barbarian spearmen came along and took my town.
At this point I figure, welp that's it - game over. But I was somehow still playing?
I thought, ok - maybe the game is giving me a chance to use my mana to summon something and win back my town (I had 14 mana). So I tried to cast magic spirit - but of course that failed to complete since it requires 30mp.
I now have 0 for MP/Gold/Research/etc. but the game keeps presenting me with the option for Next turn :-/

Am I doing something wrong?

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