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Postby Blake00 » Sun May 07, 2017 6:17 pm

Hi guys,

A year or so ago I made a couple of youtube videos of MoM-IME to show the world just how awesome this project is. I'm pleased to say as the months go by interest seems to be growing as part 1 is getting about 100 views a month now. Hopefully it will continue to bring more support here as not enough people know about Implodes great work! I also plan to do another video (with commentary) of a future version once there's some AI implemented.

For anyone interested here’s the original videos I recorded in 1080p...

Part 1 covers me exploring the starting an empire (fast forwarding through slow bits):

Part 2 covers me attacking some neighbours and starting a new game in the Myrran dark world:

NOTE: This video was made with the 2015 WIP release. As most people here know there have been multiple releases since adding things such as treasure rewards and hero items. 
I also gave MoM-IME a full tribute page in my MoM Legacy Games page which will hopefully help show the world too:

Oh and Implode you're more than welcome to use the vid on your Sourceforge page if you like it. :)
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