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new poster here, I just found this while searching for a MoM save game editor to make the game more interesting... and I find a multiplayer clone! Can't wait to have a go with some friends and see how much of a game we can play as it is now. For my first post, I found this interesting:
Implode wrote:You mean diplomacy, exchanging spells and such? Yes... later on.

But really, does anyone use this? You don't just always slag 'em? :)
You've never played the 'trader' strategy? it's a great alternative as a start to just boring old military conquest. You start with Charismatic, Famous and Artificer, 1 book in white/red/green and rest in blue (for Aura of Majesty). You then seek out the other mages as fast as possible and start trading spells with them. Artificer is just to get create item and create artifact spells so you have something to give to the others, then you exchange those for spells, go to another wizard, change those for yet others, etc. You end up with quite an array of spells right from the start, without a point in research!
If you place bribes at the right time and keep your own units out of their territory, you can keep the other wizards fighting each other for hundreds of turns. On impossible, that only works with lawful and peaceful opponents unfortunately, but normally, 2 of them are. There are enormous differences between a peaceful AI or a maniacal AI, even on impossible, if you know how to make use of them.

Needless to say, MoMIME wouldn't be the same without diplomacy like that.

For player to player diplomacy, there are lots of other ideas possible:
- Gold / Mana donations
- Unit donations
- City donations
- Node donations
- Spell donations
(those donations could be part of an agreement from both sides)

Wizard pact / alliance could be made to actually serve a purpose. Shared victory as mentioned by others.

Additionally, I can think of a new spell that could link in with an Alliance:
Spell: Mind Link (Enchantment)
While Mind Link is active, you share map vision with your allied wizards who also have Mind Link active. You can see what their cities and units see, they can see what you see.

This way the shared vision mechanic from other games fits into MoM, while also having the side effect of being dispellable by your enemies.

Having stacks of units from different allies would be awesome as well, though combat would be rather confusing ;)

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Re: Negotiation?

Post by Loras » Wed Oct 15, 2008 3:55 am

Oooh, I like the Mind Link spell.

That gives great opportunities for backstabbing. Suddenly your ally lost his mind link because it was "dispelled by the enemy" so that he could actually move all his troops towards you for a nice backstab, which is ofcourse the nicest thing to do in Multiplayer :D

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