Do you need a game Designer?

Anything else to do with MoM IME
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Do you need a game Designer?

Post by larienna » Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:12 pm

I am a hobby board game designer. My web site here: ... /index.php

... and an ex-computer programmer. I do not want to do any coding but I know the logic behind it (the latest thing I coded is C++ with allegro)

I am a great fan of Master of Magic/Orion and I even tried making my own board game version which is a bit complex because of the amount of information I need to simplify to make it playable as a board game.

I know that the original game had a few problems in it's design and it could be interesting to make some design changes (for example: Some spells are too powerfull, while some others are almost innefective).

Unfortunately the source code of the video game was never realeased, so to apply these changes I could only hope for a remake of the game.

From what I have seen, there is a game editor that allows to change the parameters of the game. It is possible that with only this, I would be able to do a lot. It depends how flexible is the game. I remember making changes in civilisation 3 by only changing the parameters of the game and it seemed to work great.

So If the only thing I would need to do is play with an editor that would be great for me.

I have written some documents in the past about what I wanted to change, I could look back again at it.

Any comments are welcomed.


Everybody want's a master of magic remake and many people have failed. Of course, it is a huge amount of work, but I think the fact that this remake use the original game graphics, it reduces a lot the work require to finish the remake.

Else the easiest way would be to get access to the source code of the original MOM which cannot be found anywhere. I know that the original designer "Steve Barcia" probably has it because he said that he keeps everything on his computer. But there is simply no way to contact this guy.

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Re: Do you need a game Designer?

Post by elliott20 » Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:09 am

at this point, the goal is simply to replicate a functioning game as it once was.

anything beyond that is basically just us being hopeful. Not that we can't use more game designers to look at the work, but the reality is at this phase the goal is not rebalancing and such.

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