Best heroes?

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Best heroes?

Post by gejsiv » Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:24 pm

In your opinions, who are the better heroes to get?

Well, Torin obviously. Roland and Elaine are other decent white only heroes.

I know nothing of the death heroes, other than that my drakes think they are tasty.

Why aren't there green, red, or blue specific heroes?

Warrax is amazing. The illusionist is alright when she isn't busy dying. The other champions are okay I guess, especially if your mystic x turned out alright.

For the normal heroes, I think Shalla the amazon is better even than some of the champions. Amazing to hit plus might plus thrown weapons means she can outright kill a lot of stuff without the chance to counter. Give her a plus 6 flaming axe and even dragons fear her, since axes go before breath weapons and she can hit flying critters.

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Re: Best heroes?

Post by elliott20 » Thu Nov 27, 2008 3:36 am

it really depends entirely upon what you need the hero for. There are by majority, 5 hero types that exist in game: Leader, Warrior, Archer, Healer, and Caster. The better heroes tend to be hybrids of these. There is also a special kind known as the stack mover. These are typified by giving movement bonuses or can just out and out carry the stack. (As in the case with Jaer the Windmage) The thing is, most of those types also have another type mixed in there.

Torin, is without a doubt, potentially the most powerful hero and probably the best bang for your buck. It's clear that the designers wanted it that way. so any contest between Torin and any other hero would be a moot point. Torin himself is a hybrid of Leader, Warrior, and Caster. Because of his super leadership and praymaster, he's already one of the top candidates for best leader type. If he gets armmaster as his random fighter pick, he's even better. But of course, that means he's missing out on a warrior feat. so, really, it depends upon what his fighter pick ends up being. If it's armmaster, his best role would be leader. If it's blade master or evade, then warrior. His magic pick, believe it or not, is actually pretty limited. And there are probably better casters out there.

But if we are to exclude Torin from the running? well, here's my opinion
Leader: It's a tie between Death Stryke and Sir Harold. While Death Stryke has leadership AND Armmaster (making all units that stick with him become elites that much faster), Sir Harold has Super Leadership, which means troops that follow him will have the best "UMPH!" out there.
Warrior: Here the "book required" champions have an edge again. Roland the Paladin or Mortu the Death Knight are both just brokenly good. Armor Piercing + First Strike + Might = killing MOST units on the first hit even before they can hit them back. Though, Mortu has an edge since he ALSO has blade master, making him even deadlier. That and they both have magic immunity, so they basically can't be killed except through brute force.
But if we're talking about non-book dependent heroes, I would have to agree with you on Shalla on this one. Blade master + Throw + Might + Charmed makes her an incredibly versatile and powerful warrior. With a bit of enhancement in her damage and resistance department she would be unstoppable.
Archer: Allora the Elven Archer, no question. blade master and highest arrow attacks. Though, archer heroes are not particularly powerful in this game to start off with, so it's questionable how good really is it to be the best archer.
Caster: this is actually kind of hard to say as between casters it's pretty much a matter of getting arcane power + caster and then going from there. Warrax is actually pretty good because of this. Though, Malleus the Magician is surprisingly good because of his built in spells (such as flame strike). With those he can pretty much wipe the field of lower level soldiers VERY quickly, though not incredibly powerful against higher level characters. (He does have a fireball for that, but there are too many things that have immunity to it)
Healer: Elana the Priestess, no contest.

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Re: Best heroes?

Post by Lucern » Thu Nov 27, 2008 7:45 am

Part of the joy of this game involves making the best of what you run across. The heroes Elliot lists are no doubt powerhouses that I'll hire any chance I get, but they're also all champions. My favorite archer is actually the Huntress because you can get her very early, she has pathfinding, and at demi-god she's a lone army destroyer and fame-winner, especially if you give her a magic bow. Since she can be found at the very beginning, she's there for you right when you need powerful heroes the most as you're consolidating territory and raising armies that will ensure that you're top wizard. Besides, if you lose her, well, there's always the Elven Archer to give the bow to ;) If I can, I keep both around to go sky-drake hunting and win more spell books in the late game.

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Re: Best heroes?

Post by elliott20 » Fri Nov 28, 2008 3:59 pm

yeah, the thing about the heroes on my list is that they are game breakers. most of those heroes, once you've built them up enough, are so good that you don't need to play the rest of the game. it's just a matter of mop up.

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Re: Best heroes?

Post by alexander » Sun Feb 01, 2009 8:14 pm

Malleus the Magician is another extremely useful one. Because when he reaches 60MP+ caster, he can use Flame Strike regardless of what type of magic school you study! Flame Strike is extremely devastating to non Magic Immune units, itl literally cut a full stacked 9 unit army in half or even destroy it, and anywhere in between :) Without a doubt the best heros are Roland the Paladin and Myrtu the Deathknight. First Strike coupled with Magic Immunity and some other abilities to boot will make them all-powerfull at later levels, wearing some proper items. I was using Roland with life magic books, faced 8 sky drakes i hit up High Prayer (and he had an item on him with invulnerability and one with Flight) and plowed through them all by himself.

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Re: Best heroes?

Post by LexarV » Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:33 pm

Stupid spam!

Anyways... Best Heroes???

According to Zaldron the Sage, who was present at the time, when Warrax The Chaos Warrior was born, the sky went dark, planets aligned, comets fell, and the earth shook. A being of pure Chaos, Warrax is the offspring of a powerful witch who was raped by a great drake. Too hideous to look at, he is forced to wear a visor in order to interact with ordinary mortals. A powerful caster able to call upon the forces of Chaos, Warrax has Arcane Power and Armor-Piercing magical ranged attacks. Also a competent melee fighter, he is capable of utilizing a staff or a weapon to do his damage. Along with Constitution and 3 random picks from any category, Warrax will help you bring order out of Chaos.

I'll never forget that name.
I'd play the game conservatively and somewhat peacefully concentrating completely on acquiring my spells, mostly Chaos magic.
Then when the time is right, I try Summon Champion over and over until I get WARRAX.

Then I keep him safe while enchanting him with any magics I have at the time... [Demon Wings are a must!]
And when I have enough magical power I enchant 3 great artifacts...

Scales of Chaos
Cloak of Chaos
Staff of Chaos

I put EVERY possible enchantment into those items; usually taking a long time to create unless I've got a stockpile of mana...
But, once they are finally finished and Warrax has all 3 items, plus magical enchantments and hopefully a decent amount of experience...

I send him solo. To Take Over the WORLD!
I start a mission, usually by casting Call Chaos two to three times [assuming it's an army]; And then with a single bolt of lightning he takes out anything left!
Really that left an impression on me though, fighting the entire world with one super demi-god Warrax. [He never lost to any amount of creatures after getting the three artifacts.]

But this site basically sums up my thoughts on Warrax :
There are just some things in life that are so important, everybody should have them. A place to live, food to eat, and clothes to wear. This is how I feel about Warrax. Everybody should have him in their army each and every game. And judging by the number of messages I have received regarding Warrax, I would say most other MoM players feel this way too!
What is it about Warrax that made me grant him 4 & 1/2 stars? What is it that makes me grin from ear to ear each time I manage to summon him? Is it the fact that he has Armor Piercing on both his magical and melee attacks? Could it be the fact that his magical ranged attacks are backed by Arcane Power and do an amazing amount of damage? Is it his Constitution which grants him more hit points? Or is it the fact that he has enough spell skill to take out an entire army all by himself?

Well, thats a start. However, what really makes Warrax such an amazing hero is the three random picks he gets to add to his already impressive list of attributes. And he gets to pick them from any category! Wow!

If he is already this tough, what should you be looking for?

Super Arcane Power

Since it only takes 1 pick, pray to get Super Arcane Power. Due to his Armor Piercing skill, Warrax has the potential to have the most devastating magical ranged attacks of any hero in Master of Magic©. Yes, even more than Aerie The Illusionist since a lot of monsters have immunity to her illusionary attacks.

Blade Master

If you manage to get Warrax with the Blade Master skill, you must have done something right in a past life. Once again, Warrax has the potential to be the strongest magical attack fighter in the game, but it will require Blade Master to ensure it. You need to make sure his Armor Piercing attacks are accurate and inflict maxium damage.

Those are the two highest priorities on my list of random picks. The following would be secondary:


Warrax will be one of those heroes who mixes it up with the bad boys, therefore he will need a little more defense. I wouldn't say that increasing his defense is as important as increasing his magical attack strength and accuracy, but it would be highly beneficial. Keep in mind that unlike most other magical attack heroes, Warrax is capable of wearing armor. Therefore, you can also create a +8 defense plate mail for him to wear.


Since Warrax's Armor Piercing attacks apply to both his magical ranged attacks and his melee attacks, why not take advantage of this? With might, he would have enough melee attack strength that you could give him a +6 attack staff (which only increases his ranged attacks), and still be able to kill units in melee combat! What a bad-ass!

As a final note, Warrax is definitely an offensive fighter. In fact, he is so offensive that I often use him as a solo fighter to take out entire armies and cities! Rarely do enemy units every get close enough to him to make him defensive, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. He's not good enough to take out a Sky Drake, but he is powerful enough to damage them a little bit with his magical ranged attacks. Sky Drakes are immune to magic and Warrax can still hurt them! Wow! So be sure to give Warrax some company before entering a node filled with Sky Drakes.

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Re: Best heroes?

Post by FromRussiawithLove » Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:08 pm

All heroes with magic attack...I`m usually play with Runemaster and Artificer, i make Staff (+6 A; -4 Spell Save; + 20 Casting Skill; +3 to Hit), and 2 amulet with +3 movement; +15 spell skill; +2 to hit; +4 A. If it possible cast flying & Invisible. 8 movement allows heroes run from sky drake and other deadly creatures.

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Re: Best heroes?

Post by schlechtj » Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:59 am

Been a few years since I posted here but I just had to say something. After my wife, Warrax is the love of my life. Well you know what I mean.... I can take out a sorcery node full of 9 sky drakes with warrax. I have posted this elsewhere but he is the two in my one two punch for a killer game. The first is casting Time Stop. When you take over a city, they cant be recaptured while time stop is in effect. So how do you keep it in effect???? Take over a new city every turn with warrax to keep your treasury up. Ok, heres how you load Warrax up. 3 artifacts giving him flight, invisibility, maximum movement maximum damage and maximum defence. The movement is critical for two reasons. First, you have to get warrax from town to town quickly to keep your time stop spell in effect. Flight helps here too. Of course you can cast flight and invisibility on him but they could be dispelled. The second reason for maxing out movement is so he can outrun the sky drakes. Yes they will take four or five hits apiece but with all the extra spell power you gave him in the artefacts, warrax can shoot all day. Well, run then shoot. He may look like a coward but he will kill all the sky drakes. With this set of artefacts, warrax could kill torrin before he even got close.

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