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Perfect World

Post by Implode » Tue Sep 16, 2008 4:20 pm

Is anyone else hooked on Perfect World? :) I'm not one for MMORPGs, I hate WoW and AoC with a passion, mainly due to the principal of expecting you to pay a monthly usage fee, rather than just being able to buy the game outright, and that they're full of the same type of gamers as used to be playing Diablo when I was playing that (stab you in the back and steal your items at the first opportunity, try to rip you off on trades, using hacks to swipe all the best item drops and gain other unfair advantages, etc.)

I don't even remember where, but I found a link to Perfect World recently and checked it out, and have been playing it ever since! Not only is it free, but all the graphics are really cute and pretty which really appeals to me (rather than like most games, as much blood and guts as possible), and I think that seems to attract a different kind of player. Just about everyone playing Perfect World seems to be really nice and helpful, you can usually find somene in most monster areas to team up with and you help each other out. I've had people just give me nice items for helping them out, or just because they didn't need them, rather than trying to rip me off.

So I'm pretty hooked on it :) And trying hard to find times in between playing PW to work on MoM IME! If anyone is interested, I'm on the Heaven's Tear server, with a lvl 29 archer named Bloom :)


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Re: Perfect World

Post by Lucern » Thu Sep 25, 2008 6:15 am

Holy..that game is shamelessly cute lol. After quitting WoW, EQ, Lineage and Ragnarok in bored disgust of grinding, I can't help but this game grindy? Looks interesting enough regardless.

And I remember the Diablo days lol...I distinctly recall being killed for my ears by player-killers, which were then spread throughout the realms. Those were really interesting times for me, exploring the early days of online communities around games, the good and bad sides of them.

In any case, don't make us come in there and fish you out, intervention style ;)

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