I won doing a big "do not"

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I won doing a big "do not"

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Yep ! I just won a game in which I spent more then 90% or my magic power into mana all the game long :twisted: .

The setting :
4 death spell books
Infernal Power
Mana focusing
Race: High men

It's not quite a new idea. I tried to start a lot of game with Infernal power. I knew the potential was incredible but it's somewhat long to start. So every time I tried that so far I ended up half the way to that potential being a "medium" wizard in a "impossible" world. But this time I found a way to be just a bit faster then usual, staying alive just enought to see the begining of the expodential power. The trick (I think) was the myrran+High men combo. Myrran because it gave me just the a bit more power to start (and peace) and High Men because they take more benefits from the cathedral then any other race.

What's good with that combo ? Dark ritual=200% mana + infernal power (*1.5)=300% + Mana focusing(+25%)= 375% mana production.

Actually, during all the game, I converted mana into gold in a way I was able to buy barely 2/3 of everything (the cost drop a lot after the first 1/3). First I built a granary and then I rushed to buy settlers until all "city spot" around 6 squares of my city was taken. And a soon as one of those city was at 2 pop(even before the granary), I bought settlers for them to untils, again, all the spots around about 6 squares was occupied. Ans so on...

The next step for each cities was so build a shrine(for unrest) and a sawmill. Then they build bowmen so they defend at least a bit every city around with one of them and then help calm the unrest around them (which was not high since I built so much settlers :D ). Key buildings was miner's guild => temple (dark ritual) => bank => forester guild => cathedral => Armorer's guild. I did'nt minded (at start) that some of my cities was taken back by neutral cities. The expansion was so aggressive that I continued to have more and more cities anyway. The tweak here is that those cathedrals was not built only as a way to get paladins, but they were built because the were producing 10 golds/turn (4 Mana*375%-5 gold of maintenance). Of course it was not easy, and it's take many turns before you can get into your investement but, at the end, it does and it was quite neat.

By the time I took half of my continent (around 1412), my capital city started to produce paladins, so I taked back my lost cities and other neutral cities that was on my path. Thx to the magic roads, it take a glimpse. From that point, all I had to do was to stick with the plan : more city, more paladin (adamantium), more mana.

No much more to say, at that point it became quite an usual game. First I surprised the strongest wizard on the other plane right on her capital balancing the force on arcanus. Then I sent my armies to the other continent, finaly took the other myrran wizard down. Then I returned back on arcanus and finished the job. I ended the game in 1427 with 1500 mana per turn and only 100 skill point (but 2 paladins/turn :twisted: ). I know it's usualy the case, but I swear that my power was just beggining to show up. The power graph showing a intense curve. A steady and increasing 3 pixels/turn when it got out of the graph :D .

The only turn off with that strategy it's that it took a lot of time. Constantly looking in each cities to find something to buy at 1/3 toward completion (and I bought a lot). So I don't think I'll try another time that exact setting but at least I'm pretty happy that this times an "Infernal power" plan turned to be good 8) .
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