Master of Magic - Caster of Magic For Windows (CoM2) Released!

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Master of Magic - Caster of Magic For Windows (CoM2) Released!

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Some of you may know of Seravy's Caster of Magic mod for good old 1994 DOS classic 4x TBS Master of Magic. Well he's painstakingly rebuilt CoM in a new windows based engine and it's been officially released on Steam, GoG & Slitherine's own store a few days ago! Still 320x200 stretched sadly but there's heaps of improvements eg a gazillion bug fixes & balance changes, super smart AI opponents, more spells, more buildings, more advanced game modes & options, and best of all NO MORE 5 PLAYER LIMIT!! So umm 14 Wizards going at it in one game? Yes please! ... r_Windows/

Feel free to drop by the Master of Magic fans Facebook and Discord groups to discuss. Seravy himself is kindly answering questions and bug reports on the discord too!

I know some people aren't huge fans of CoM's changes but maybe Slitherine will take Seravy's new engine source and do a 'MoM for Windows' one day too. Probably wishful thinking but you never know!

Familiar but not quite the same ;) ... 4d4900.jpg

14 Wizard carnage incoming ... 232d13.jpg

Cool new options ... fc1508.jpg

Looks the same but apparently the new combat AI is naaaasty ... 5895da.jpg
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