Rules for posting bug reports and ideas for enhancements

Place to report bugs in MoM IME and suggest ideas for enhancements (please read rules before posting)
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Rules for posting bug reports and ideas for enhancements

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"Rules" may be a bit of a strong word... but I wanted to make people understand something so please read this. I only get an hour or two to work on MoM IME each night. The longer I spend here reading posts for peoples' suggestions, the less time I'm spending actually working on the game.

I'm aware of plenty of bugs already but I'm pushing to try to get most functions of the game working and only fixing major bugs first, and leaving minor bugs until later... hopefully most of them are already listed on the To Do section of the Version History page. If you find any that aren't listed, let me know and even though I may not get onto fixing them right away, I can at least get them added to that page.

As for requesting enhancements to the game (i.e. things beyond what were in the original MoM) - I have a ton of stuff to do already to get the game playable (by 'playable' I mean capable of having an enjoyable game .vs. human or AI players... but not necessarily every single feature working 100%). Once its playable, I'll be working on all the missing elements until its working to a similar level as the original MoM. THEN I might start thinking about additional enhancements to add to the game. So realistically any enhancements anyone asks for I'm not going to get near working on until at least 2007.

So if post ideas for enhancements that's your choice and I will read them all (even if I don't have time to reply)... just do so on the understanding that even the ideas I really like I'm not going to get around to working on anytime soon so writing long posts about great ideas you have is probably wasting your time. My priorities are to get the game playable and to the same level as the original Master of Magic first.

Thanks for your understanding,