Old crappy games

Anything else to do with MoM IME
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Old crappy games

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That's 15 years I play MoM. I ve been playing 2 kind of games in my life : MMO and MoM. I always stopped played MMO a day (UO, EQ, WOW, WAR etc.) but never stopped played MoM.

I was ever dreamt of a version in higher resolution, multiplayer, better AI and bug fix, and now I just found your work, so I would like really to thank you.

You are our last chance to have the perfect MoM. I ve discussed with a friend of mine who is playing MoM as well and we figured out that there will never be a new official version of this game (or comparable games), just because the game is too complicate for most of people. Editors won't risk to put money in such games. Only kind of simulation type games as complex still in dev. are soccer-manager type of games.

So I hope you ll continue with this and make all the old-first geek like me the happiest ppl...

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