Unit attribute help & Buy button when switching construc

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Unit attribute help & Buy button when switching construc

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Snipped 3 items out of Csimbi's list:
Csimbi wrote:-Right clicking on certain things does not provide help (try right clicking on a unit, then right-click on a heath icon).
-Cannot buy unit (after building a building the summary comes, clicked on the "is now housing" thing which took me to the city screen, selected settlers, clicked ok, but I could not buy the unit. Closed the city screen, opened it again and I was able to buy it. The buy button on the other hand does not get disabled after I have bought the building/unit.
-Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel/PgUp-PgDown.
The first two are fixed in 0.9.2. If anyone notices anything else that does not have context sensitive help where it would be useful, please post it.

Amusingly, simply adding help for the unit attributes (melee, defence, etc.) was one of these things which sounded so simple but turned out to really need some thought, since those pages just *had* to have inline images - I'd been wanting to do this for a while already, to have a help page showing what all the different background colour icons for unit stats meant. So I had to develop a rich-text-style output which could include images mixed in with the text.

It looks pretty nice though :)

Also added the mouse wheel scrolling to 0.9.2 at the last minute, this sounded a neat idea and was only a couple of lines of code. Not so sure about Page Up/Down... doesn't strike me as being a standard intuitive way to zoom in and out so I didn't do this. If I ever add customizable hotkeys, then you'd be able to set up Page Up/Down for zooming if you wanted to.