Minimum requires for master of magic type game.

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Minimum requires for master of magic type game.

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There are a lot of games that claim to be master of magic spiritual successors, but to me for a game to meet this claim it has to have the following

* Difference races with difference recruit-able units. - Easily met by Age of Wonders, Dominions series, Heroes of might and magic, warlord etc. In fact, in this area, Age of wonders has a more diverse range of recruitable units than MOM (not sure if this is good).

* Magic system which determine which spells are available by forcing the player at the start of the game to choose which realm, school , path, spheres whatever etc to specialise.

I think a stronger requirement is that the system has to be fairly complex so users have to make decisions and to be fairly deep (in terms of number of levels). Ideally I think MOM's system where you must choose between funelling mana between Skill , research and mana reserves is a brilliant one that deserves to be used, but it is not necessary. Dominions has a different system with it's own complications...

I do think that Age of wonders 1, might be a touch too simple (with only 4 levels) plus you don't really play a Wizard-King. Age of wonders 2 does with you fighting for the wizard's throne and interesting touchs like being able to cast global spells within your domain (which depends on the wizard being in a city with a wizard's tower)... In the game, you choose to channel your mana into either mana reserves or (spells or skills).

Also it has to allow you to cast spells both in tactical combat and outside..

* Substantial configuration at the start - MOM allows choosing of spell books and retorts and race . Dominions allows chosing of pretender form, paths of magic to specialise, dominion effects etc.

* Tactical combat - You must be able to cast spells in tactical combat!!! This disqualified dominions!!! No scripting stuff where you cannot respond... Also only turn based... (though I suppose pausable real time might be acceptable).
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