Details about file formats, structure and contents in the original Master of Magic
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Originally got this post from Murlock's forum back a number of years ago. I've marked the extra bits I've discovered for myself, which don't amount to much:

. Unit Data Locations - Heroes

Hero type Data start Hero type Data start

Implode extra note - the data location is different in the different language versions of MoM. The info below only applies to the English version.
I got old of the French & German versions as well and figured out the start location of their data, so all the known start locations are:
$2963C (English)
$2906C (French)
$2966C (German)

Dwarf 02963C Witch 0298C4
Barbarian 029660 Golden One 0298E8
Sage 029684 Ninja 02990C
Dervish 0296A8 Rogue 029930
Beastmaster 0296CC Amazon 029954
Bard 0296F0 Warlock 029978
Orc Warrior 029714 Unknown 02999C
Healer 029738 Illusionist 0299C0
Huntress 02975C Swordsman 0299E4
Thief 029780 Priestess 029A08
Druid 0297A4 Paladin 029A2C
War Monk 0297C8 Black Knight 029A50
Warrior Mage 0297EC Elven Archer 029A74
Magician 029810 Knight 029A98
Assassin 029834 Necromancer 029ABC
Wind Mage 029858 Chaos Warrior 029AE0
Ranger 02987C Chosen 029B04
Draconian 0298A0


4. Unit Data Locations - Normal Units

Generic unit Data start High Elf unit Data start

Trireme 029B28 Spearmen 02A398
Galley 029B4C Swordsmen 02A3BC
Catapult 029B70 Halberdiers 02A3E0
Warship 029B94 Cavalry 02A404
Magicians 02A428
Barbarian unit Data start Settlers 02A44C
Longbowmen 02A470
Spearmen 029BB8 Elven Lords 02A494
Swordsmen 029BDC Pegasai 02A4B8
Bowmen 029C00
Cavalry 029C24 High Men unit Data start
Shaman 029C48
Settlers 029C6C Spearmen 02A4DC
Berserkers 029C90 Swordsmen 02A500
Bowmen 02A524
Beastmen unit Data start Cavalry 02A548
Priests 02A56C
Spearmen 029CB4 Magicians 02A590
Swordsmen 029CD8 Engineers 02A5B4
Halberdiers 029CFC Settlers 02A5D8
Bowmen 029D20 Pikemen 02A5FC
Priests 029D44 Paladins 02A620
Magicians 029D68
Engineers 029D8C Klackon unit Data start
Settlers 029DB0
Centaurs 029DD4 Spearmen 02A644
Manticores 029DF8 Swordsmen 02A668
Minotaurs 029E1C Halberdiers 02A68C
Engineers 02A6B0
Dark Elf unit Data start Settlers 02A6D4
Stag Beetle 02A6F8
Spearmen 029E40
Swordsmen 029E64 Lizardman unit Data start
Halberdiers 029E88
Cavalry 029EAC Spearmen 02A71C
Priests 029ED0 Swordsmen 02A740
Settlers 029EF4 Halberdiers 02A764
Nightblades 029F18 Javelineers 02A788
Warlocks 029F3C Shaman 02A7AC
Nightmares 029F60 Settlers 02A7D0
Dragon Turtle 02A7F4
Draconian unit Data start
Nomad unit Data start
Spearmen 029F84
Swordsmen 029FA8 Spearmen 02A818
Halberdiers 029FCC Swordsmen 02A83C
Bowmen 029FF0 Bowmen 02A860
Shaman 02A014 Priests 02A884
Magicians 02A038 Magicians 02A8A8
Engineers 02A05C Settlers 02A8CC
Settlers 02A080 Horsebowmen 02A8F0
Doom Drakes 02A0A4 Pikemen 02A914
Air Ship 02A0C8 Rangers 02A938
Griffins 02A95C
Dwarven unit Data start
Orc unit Data start
Swordsmen 02A0EC
Halberdiers 02A110 Spearmen 02A980
Engineers 02A134 Swordsmen 02A9A4
Hammerhands 02A158 Halberdiers 02A9C8
Steam Cannon 02A17C Bowmen 02A9EC
Golem 02A1A0 Cavalry 02AA10
Settlers 02A1C4 Shaman 02AA34
Magicians 02AA58
Gnoll unit Data start Engineers 02AA7C
Settlers 02AAA0
Spearmen 02A1E8 Wyvern Riders 02AAC4
Swordsmen 02A20C
Halberdiers 02A230 Troll unit Data start
Bowmen 02A254
Settlers 02A278 Spearmen 02AAE8
Wolf Riders 02A29C Swordsmen 02AB0C
Halberdiers 02AB30
Halfling unit Data start Shaman 02AB54
Settlers 02AB78
Spearmen 02A2C0 War Trolls 02AB9C
Swordsmen 02A2E4 War Mammoths 02ABC0
Bowmen 02A308
Shaman 02A32C
Settlers 02A350
Slingers 02A374


5. Unit Data Locations - Summoned Units

Magic Spirit 02ABE4 Unicorns 02AED8
Guardian Spirit 02AEFC
Hell Hounds 02AC08 Angel 02AF20
Gargoyles 02AC2C Arch Angel 02AF44
Fire Giant 02AC50
Fire Elemental 02AC74 War Bears 02AF68
Chaos Spawn 02AC98 Sprites 02AF8C
Chimera 02ACBC Cockatrices 02AFB0
Doom Bat 02ACE0 Basilisk 02AFD4
Efreet 02AD04 Giant Spiders 02AFF8
Hydra 02AD28 Stone Giant 02B01C
Great Drake 02AD4C Colossus 02B040
Gorgons 02B064
Skeletons 02AD70 Earth Elemental 02B088
Ghouls 02AD94 Behemoth 02B0AC
Night Stalker 02ADB8 Great Wyrm 02B0D0
Werewolves 02ADDC
Demon 02AE00 Floating Island 02B0F4
Wraiths 02AE24 Phantom Beast 02B118
Shadow Demons 02AE48 Phantom Warriors 02B13C
Death Knights 02AE6C Storm Giant 02B160
Demon Lord 02AE90 Air Elemental 02B184
Zombies 02AEB4 Djinn 02B1A8
Sky Drake 02B1CC
Nagas 02B1F0


6. Unit Structure Byte Descriptions

0,1 Pointer to name of unit type (note 1)
2 Melee attack strength
3 Ranged attack strength
4 Ranged attack type (table 1)
5 Ranged attack number of shots
6 Plus to hit
7 Defense
8 Resistance
9 Movement rate (in units of 1/2 MP)
A,B Heroes: cost to hire (note 2); Normal units: cost to build; Summoned units: cost to place in lair, node or rampaging force (note 3)
C Summoned units: upkeep cost; Others: not used (note 4)
D Race code (table 2)
E,F Normal units: buildings required (table 3); Others: note 5
10 Heroes: type code? Others: ???
11 00
12 Hit points (hearts) per figure
13 Scouting range
14 Transport capacity (number of units carried)
15 Number of figures in the unit
16 Construction capacity (road building)
17 Special attack or bonus strength
18 Movement flags (table 4)
19 00
1A Immunity flags (table 5)
1B Attribute flags (table 6)
1C Attribute flags (table 7)
1D 00
1E Attribute flags (table 8)
1F Attribute flags (table 9)
20 Special attack flags (table 10)
21 Special attack flags (table 11)
22 00
23 00

Note 1: To find the string constant address from the pointer, form a 4 hex
digit number from byte 1 followed by byte 0 and add 294A0. For
example, bytes 0 and 1 for Brax are D3 21. Adding 21D3 and 294A0
produces 2B673, the address of the string "Dwarf".

Implode extra note - this offset is different in the different language versions of MoM. The info above only applies to the English version.
I got old of the French & German versions as well and figured out the name offsets for their data, so all the known name offsets are:
$294A0 (English)
$28ED0 (French)
$294D0 (German)

Note 2: The cost to hire a hero also determines the fame needed. The fame
level is (hire_cost - 100.) / 10. rounded down.

Note 3: The cost in the unit table is not used for units summoned by a wizard.
The mana cost to cast each spell (including summoning spells) is in
the file SPELLDAT.LBX at bytes 1A and 1B after the start of each
spell name. For example, the string "Demon Lord" starts at 1E44.
Bytes 1E5E and 1E5F are E8 03. 03E8 hex is 1000 decimal, which is
the cost to summon a Demon Lord. Editing SPELLDAT.LBX will change
the spells in the game. Editing the costs in the unit tables should
change the average number of creatures in lairs.

Note 4: The upkeep cost for heroes is ceil(hire_cost / 50.) unless the hero
has the Noble attribute. The upkeep cost for normal units is
ceil(build_cost / 50.), except that the first type for each race has
zero cost.

Note 5: Bytes E and F are 06 00 for summoned units. For heroes byte E is
unique to each hero. Byte F is used to initialize the artifact slot
type (00 sword/shield/ring, 01 bow/shield/ring, 02 mixed/shield/ring,
03 wand/ring/ring). Once the hero has been acquired, the artifact
slots are stored in the game save file and can be changed there.

Table 1: Ranged attack types (byte 04)

FF None
0A Rock
14 Arrow
15 Bullet Slingers
1E Chaos Magic Warlock, Chaos Warrior, Storm Giant
1F Chaos Magic Warrior Mage, Magician, Witch, Golden One,
Unknown, Magicians, Warlocks
20 Sorcery Magic Sage, Illusionist
21 Chaos Magic Necromancer, Shadow Demons, Demon Lord
22 Nature Magic Wind Mage, Djinn
23 Nature Magic Healer, Priestess, Shamans, Priests
24 Chaos Magic Dark Elves (Spearmen, Swordsmen, Halberdiers,
Cavalry, Nightmares)
25 Nature Magic Sprites
26 Nature Magic Druid
64 Thrown Weapons
65 Fire Breath
66 Lightning Breath Sky Drake
67 Stoning Gaze Basilisk, Gorgons (resistance modifier in byte 17)
68 Multiple Gaze Chaos Spawn
69 Death Gaze Night Stalker (resistance modifier in byte 17)

Table 2: Race codes (byte 0D)

00 Barbarian 0E Generic (ship or catapult)
01 Beastmen 0F Arcane (magic spirit)
02 Dark Elf 10 Nature
03 Draconian 11 Sorcery
04 Dwarven 12 Chaos
05 Gnoll 13 Life
06 Halfling 14 Death
07 High Elf
08 High Men
09 Klackon
0A Lizardman
0B Nomad
0C Orc
0D Troll

Table 3: Building codes (bytes 0E and 0F) (note 6)

03 Barracks 0E Maritime Guild 19 Cathedral
04 Armory 0F Sawmill 1A Marketplace
05 Fighters Guild 10 Library 1B Bank
06 Armorers Guild 11 Sages Guild 1C Merchants Guild
07 War College 12 Oracle 1D Granary
08 Smithy 13 Alchemists Guild 1E Farmers Market
09 Stables 14 University 1F Foresters Guild
0A Animists Guild 15 Wizards Guild 20 Builders Hall
0B Fantastic Stable 16 Shrine 21 Mechanicians Guild
0C Shipwrights Guild 17 Temple 22 Miners Guild
0D Ship Yard 18 Parthenon 23 City Walls

Table 4: Movement flags (byte 1

80 Merging 08 Flying
40 Mountaineer 04 Swimming
20 Forester 02 Sailing
10 Teleporting 01 Cavalry (note 7)

Implode clarification - If unit has both 20 & 40 (Forester & Mountaineer) bits set then instead has Path Finding skill (e.g. Nomad Rangers)

Table 5: Immunity flags (byte 1A)

80 Poison 08 Illusions
40 Death 04 Missiles
20 Magic 02 Stoning
10 Cold 01 Fire

Table 6: Attribute flags (byte 1B)

80 Standard (note 08 Summon Demons 1
40 Caster 40 MP 04 Lucky
20 Caster 20 MP 02 No effect (note 9)
10 Summon Demons 2 01 Weapon Immunity

Table 7: Attribute flags (byte 1C)

80 Holy Bonus 08 Immolation
40 Resistance to All 04 Doombolt Spell
20 Cause Fear Spell 02 Fire Ball Spell
10 Web Spell 01 Healing Spell

Table 8: Attribute flags (byte 1E)

80 Create Undead 08 Wall Crusher
40 Invisibility 04 Plane Shift
20 Create Outpost 02 Large Shield
10 Healer 01 Summoned unit (note 10)

Table 9: Attribute flags (byte 1F)

80 Negate First Strike 08 Non Corporeal
40 Purify 04 Meld With Node
20 Regeneration 02 Land Corruption (note 11)
10 Wind Walking 01 Long Range

Table 10: Special attack flags (byte 20)

80 Stoning Touch 08 Life Stealing
40 Illusionary attack 04 Poison attack
20 Destruction 02 First Strike
10 Automatic Damage 01 Armor Piercing

Table 11: Special attack flags (byte 21)

80 No effect 08 Dispel Evil
40 No effect 04 Power Drain
20 No effect 02 Death Touch
10 No effect 01 No effect

Note 6: This is the order the buildings are listed in BUILDDAT.LBX, and
corresponds to the unit table codes for those buildings which are
required for normal units.

Note 7: This bit is set for all cavalry type units. Its effect is unknown.

Note 8: This bit is set for standard units (spearmen, swordsmen, etc). It
causes the race name to be listed before the unit name on the unit
display window. It may be set for any normal or summoned unit to
list the race or magic realm name. It has no effect on heroes.

Note 9: This bit is set for all flying units, but clearing it has no apparent
effect on the unit.

Note 10:This bit is set for all summoned units. It controls a) whether upkeep
is in mana or gold+food, but does not change how upkeep is calculated
(byte C in the unit structure for summoned units, note 4 for normal
units), b) whether certain spells can be cast on the unit (clearing
this bit for a summoned unit allows you to cast Heroism, Holy Weapon
etc. on the unit), and c) whether the unit can gain experience. This
bit may have other effects as well (such as "ignore weapon immunity").

Note 11:Setting this bit puts "Land Corruption" on the unit's display. There
is a help window for land corruption, but the ability does not work
as stated in the window. Probably the program code for the land
corruption ability has been removed.


7. Race data locations

Barbarians 2B226 High Elves 2B2CE
Beastmen 2B23E High Men 2B2E6
Dark Elves 2B256 Klackons 2B2FE
Draconians 2B26E Lizardmen 2B316
Dwarves 2B286 Nomads 2B32E
Gnolls 2B29E Orcs 2B346
Halflings 2B2B6 Trolls 2B35E


8. Race structure byte descriptions

Bytes 2 through 17 form two byte signed integers with the low order byte first
so that 7 is stored as 07 00. Negative numbers are represented by the two's
complement so that -1 is stored as FF FF and -2 as FE FF. Prohibiting a
building makes all buildings that depend on it inaccessible, so they do not
need to be in the prohibited list.

0,1 Pointer to name of race (note 1)
2,3 Number of prohibited buildings (0 to 7)
4,5 First prohibited building (table 3) (ignored if number is 0)
6,7 Second prohibited building (table 3) (ignored if number is 0 or 1)
8,9 Third prohibited building (table 3) (ignored if number is 0 to 2)
A,B Fourth prohibited building (table 3) (ignored if number is 0 to 3)
C,D Fifth prohibited building (table 3) (ignored if number is 0 to 4)
E,F Sixth prohibited building (table 3) (ignored if number is 0 to 5)
10,11 Seventh prohibited building (table 3) (ignored if number is 0 to 6)
12,13 Outpost growth probability (percent chance to grow in each turn)
14,15 City population growth modifier (in units of 10 people per turn)
16,17 Housing picture (0 wood frame house, 1 tree house, 2 mud hut)


9. Upkeep costs of enchantments

These are stored as two byte positive integers, but only the first byte
(the low order byte) is nonzero since none of the values exceeds 255.

Unit Enchantment Address Unit Enchantment Address

Immolation 2B3B8 Wind Walking 2B3D8
Guardian Wind 2B3BA Flight 2B3DA
Berserk (note 12) 2B3BC Resist Magic 2B3DC
Cloak of Fear 2B3BE Magic Immunity 2B3DE
Black Channels 2B3C0 Flame Blade 2B3E0
Wraithform 2B3C2 Eldritch Weapon 2B3E2
Regeneration 2B3C4 True Sight 2B3E4
Pathfinding 2B3C6 Holy Weapon 2B3E6
Water Walking 2B3C8 Heroism 2B3E8
Resist Elements 2B3CA Bless 2B3EA
Elemental Armor 2B3CC Lion Heart 2B3EC
Stone Skin 2B3CE Giant Strength 2B3EE
Iron Skin 2B3D0 Planar Travel 2B3F0
Endurance 2B3D2 Holy Armor 2B3F2
Spell Lock 2B3D4 Righteousness 2B3F4
Invisibility 2B3D6 Invulnerability 2B3F6

City Enchantment Address City Enchantment Address

Wall of Fire 2B3F8 Death Ward 2B412
Chaos Rift 2B3FA Nature's Eye 2B414
Dark Rituals 2B3FC Earth Gate 2B416
Evil Presence 2B3FE Stream of Life 2B418
Cursed Lands 2B400 Gaia's Blessing 2B41A
Pestilence 2B402 Inspirations 2B41C
Cloud of Shadow 2B404 Prosperity 2B41E
Famine 2B406 Astral Gate 2B420
Flying Fortress 2B408 Heavenly Light 2B422
Nature Ward 2B40A Consecration 2B424
Sorcery Ward 2B40C Wall of Darkness 2B426
Chaos Ward 2B40E Altar of Battle 2B428
Life Ward 2B410 Nightshade 2B42A

Global Enchantment Address Global Enchantment Address

Eternal Night 2B42C Great Wasting 2B444
Evil Omens 2B42E Meteor Storm 2B446
Zombie Mastery 2B430 Armageddon 2B448
Aura of Majesty 2B432 Tranquility 2B44A
Wind Mastery 2B434 Life Force 2B44C
Suppress Magic 2B436 Crusade 2B44E
Time Stop 2B438 Just Cause 2B450
Nature Awareness 2B43A Holy Arms 2B452
Nature's Wrath 2B43C Planar Seal 2B454
Herb Mastery 2B43E Charm of Life 2B456
Chaos Surge 2B440 Detect Magic 2B458
Doom Mastery 2B442 Awareness 2B45A

Note 12:In MOM 1.3.1 Berserk is a combat spell only, so its upkeep value will
not be used unless overland casting is added for this spell.
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