Fixed transparency bug in LbxExtract

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Fixed transparency bug in LbxExtract

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I've been away for a few days, so was working on a couple of different things. One of which was I finally took the time to painfully step through with a debugger and get to the bottom of why there were transparency errors in later frames in images decoded from the original MoM LBX files.

Fixed it now... its only been annoying the hell out of me for the last, oh say 2 years or so :) So I've put a new version of LbxExtract on the download page including the bug fix. MoM IME 0.9.2 will have it fixed too.

FYI other thing I've been working on (and isn't finished yet) was spending some time on my multiplayer classes in Java, to make them protocol-compatible with my Delphi multiplayer components (i.e. so the two sets of components can talk to each other seemlessly, regardless of that they're running in different languages). This is preparation work for the eventual move of the MoM IME server to Java.

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