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Post by Implode »

After my 9600 I was determined to try to get a 10,000 and managed:

85 Spells = +85
950 Townsfolk = +475
4 Wizards = +200
659 Fame = +1318
Year 1432 = +1224
Spell of Mastery = +250
Total = 3552
x3 = 10656

Last game the only enemy cities I attacked were those with the wizards' fortress in (getting +8 or +9 fame depending on the size of the city)... then I'd wait for them to come back and take our their new capital. But even doing that I only got 461 fame and have read in multiple places about people getting 1000s of fame, so figured there must be a better way.

You can't raze cities either, you lose too much fame, so figured the only way to do it was to capture capitals and then tear them down after. Tried using death magic (famine + dark rituals) to kill food production and destroy cities, but it just doesn't work well. Only way that seems to work is getting huge amuonts of money and rush buying settlers every turn.

After a few tries I got a wicked start position with gold mines right next to my capital and a bunch of gems nearby, no other wizards on my island, a tower I could take to get to Myrror to get to an island which had no wizards on it either (and was huge), so expanding was easy. None of the wizards ever even attempted to attack my island for the whole game.

The 3 wizards on Arcanus were all on the same (big) island. Even though every time I took one of their capitals I'd tear the city down by buying settlers to allow them to re-expand, after a while of doing this I still wore them down and started having to be very careful to only banish and not outright defeat them. So when it got to this stage I just cast the Spell of Mastery and got it over with.

By that stage I had a power base of about 2,000, getting over 5,000 gold per turn (at the top tax rate with Stream of Life cast on every city and Prosperity cast on most). I also had 6 legendary or super legendary heroes, all but one at max level, so probably 150+ of my fame was from them.

I could probably have cranked up a few more points by building cities along the top & bottom row of tundra, or by staying around and repeatedly banishing them until the end of the game in 1482, but to be honest I'd been playing this game for probably 2 weeks and was getting bored of it :)

But I still don't see how to get 1000s of fame... I had the almost perfect start position too. The only bad things were that my island was filled with Klackons, so I had to tear down a lot of cities and rebuild, and Sss'ra on Myrror was on a tiny island so was incredibly weak (so I couldn't milk him for fame by continually re-banishing him).

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Post by saxxonpike »

I've read that Famine has no effect on computer players since they cheat so massively in the food department. I used the little MoM shell to find this out when I decided to take a look at how the enemy wizards played. I think near the end of the game one of them was down 130+ food.
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Re: 10656

Post by gejsiv »

Other ways you can destroy cities without razing them is to run around inside the city with somebody during combat. The effect is much better if that someone is a magic vortex, and decreased if that someone flies. Granted, the enemy wizard won't just let you run around in there without attacking you, but you should at least be able to damage them faster so there would be less settler rushing.

Other ways of getting really high fame are to crack nodes around the enemy but don't guard them directly. Instead, wait for them to send stacks of soldiers to try to take your node, and after there are four or more move in and squish it. Repeat every other round for three or four nodes and you can increase your fame without relying on the computer's expansions.Works best if you have something like war trolls that don't take much damage and heal quickly (though you play life, so pretty much everything lasts a long time and heals quickly).

And yeah, the comp massively cheats on its food thing. I'm pretty sure its set to not have any maintenance for food, otherwise any klackon wizard would be a pushover.
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