The perfect team

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The perfect team

Post by Iluvalar »

*2 heroes with haste*4 staves
*2 heroes with mindstorm*4 staves
*2 heroes with desintegrate*4 + -4 spell save staves
* of course each heroes are fully equipped ;)

First the heros with the haste spell cast it on themself. Since they are fully equipped they now have a movement rate of 16 or around that. Now if you don't know yet, sending a magic attack with an hero do not cost _all_ movement point it's capped to 10. This mean that the next round these two will be able launch a magical attack before casting haste on 2 other heroes :twisted: .

Now mindstorm is a sure way to reduce magic resistance by 5. combined with they -4 resistance staves. this mean they can desintegrate anything that have less than 19 resistance point (think about it, there is not that much remaining).

By the end of the round 4 this team will desintegrate 8 units and done 16 magicals attacks and then 12 more ranged attacks/round :roll: .

Of course, it's more theorical than practical since 6 demi-god heros is unbeatable anyway :lol: . But i had real fun with that team :) .
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Re: The perfect team

Post by gejsiv »

Mind storm doesn't work on everything, sadly, although what you can do is build the staff of -4 resistance and then two amulets of -4 resistance. The bonuses stack, so maxed out your hero can disintegrate anything less than 22, 27 if you can throw mind storm on it. That's pretty much everything except a charmed or prayer mastered hero or something with magic immunity.

I didn't know that magic spells cap at movement burn 10. Thanks for that, loving the idea that I can drop 12 doom bolts in one turn...

Other fun hero combinations:
Give a hero with thrown weapons an axe. Axes increase the thrown damage as well, so a plus 6 axe with the flaming attribute increases thrown by nine. Get their to hit up to seven or more and they will always hit with the thrown weapons, and thrown weapons are always calculated first. As an example, Shalla the Amazon at full level with +6 axes can easily get to thrown +25. which is enough to shoot sky drakes out of the sky in one hit with no counter attack. The only downside is that thrown weapons only work one your turn making the heroes less effective for counter attacks.

Aerie the Illusionist has an illusionary attack, meaning armor doesn't count. Give her the best staff and +4 attack amulets and she can one shot any magic immune crtter except for sky drakes (since they are also immune to illusions).

Any hero with an armor piercing weapon (lightning attribute) can potentially hit creatures with magic immunity or arrow immunity. immunity gives you a base number of extra shields, so anything that reduces the number of shields lets you kill them. Doom is a weapons attribute that turns shields to zero, but reduces your attack by half. Useful only for certain situations since you'll normally do better without it.
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