Original MoM music

Details about file formats, structure and contents in the original Master of Magic
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Original MoM music

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There is a thread about mom music and its conversion, buts its from 2006 and the downloads dont work anymore...

A long while ago I extracted the music for Master of Orion 1 from the lbx files to use them in an "after action report" of the game.
I converted and "improved" them.

I just started doing the same for the mom music for the same reason and found this site (and the lbx extraction exe.... of course AFTER I extracted the files manually with a hex editor ;) ).

Here is an example of the original and improved versions of the moo music (on a small website i did ages ago too. Notice the navigation bar for example, it actually 12 different pictures with another menu option highlighted in each :P ):
(the flash files should only take a few seconds to load)

If you want I can share my precious secrets with you and provide you with updated music files from mom.
(Included in this deal is an alternative, and it seems better method to convert xmi to mid, and the big secret of the "Therlun improvement" ;) ).

Here is an example for two randomly selected pieces of music from MoM:
(again, give it a few seconds to load. As an aside, I actually used html code from that years old MoO page out of nostalgia for the example page... ;) )
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Re: Original MoM music

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Yes. I need something about music format. But it seems you are not there.
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