Localisation issue with german MoM

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Localisation issue with german MoM

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some of you might have noticed their game ( crashing. Using the *_debug.exe I found out, "SPELLS.LBX" wasn't found, as is the fact.
The simple reason: There is no such file. Is probably only exists in US- (or perhaps canadian? :D ) versions.
:idea: As a temporary workaround, You can still make it start: Copy "SPELLDAT.LBX" to "SPELLS.LBX".
In the game you still get english spell names, and as this is the first time I run MoM IME, I can't say if the game works perfectly therafter or not, but have a try.

Reason seems to be, that the german (and perhaps other) versions of MoM were given files with different names, while others were left out.
Background-info: The localisation of the german original MoM was only partial, and reason for the mess might have been that with the english charset, some gui-elements would have been "broken". There are some bugs in the original german MoM because of this, IMHO, i.e. when trying to ressurrect fallen units during combat.

And additionally/unfortunately, someone hardcoded "SPELLS.LBX" into the exe. Who might have been that? :wink:

Perhaps there are other files as well, perhaps for other languages, who knows? Be clever, try to substitute LBXes as well, perhaps that might solve your problem.

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