Questions and interesting idea for dungeons.

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Ole' Swifty
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Questions and interesting idea for dungeons.

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Hi there I'm fairly new to MOM (about a year now on and off) And id really like to say thank you for this wonderful project, I cant think of any other game I would rather play multiplayer right now!

I'm curious though if there is anyway if someone who had some experience programming could help make the recreation? Do you have anyway to give out what your working on and how (source) so that maybe some other people could work on it as well? Sorry if i did not read something I was supposed too =P

Also is its at all possible to donate?

Now for just an interesting idea I had, I know it probably would not add much and be too much time wasted on it but what about making dungeons more of a dungeon.

Sort of like the castle walls, make a maze of those on a battle map, some way add traps, some way make it so you cant shoot over the walls and wham a little fake dungeon.

*shrugs* anywho I'm very excited for this release and just was wondering if there is some way I could help.
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