Active MoM community at Realms Beyond

Anything else to do with the original Master of Magic
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Active MoM community at Realms Beyond

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I'd like to invite you to visit our MoM discussion forum at the Realms Beyond forums, located at
Features include:

Insecticide v1.40m
A patch (by kyrub) which fixes a large number of bugs and improves the AI significantly. It also adds two new difficulty settings: "Monsters gone wild" and "Revolting raiders". If turned on, these settings create more and meaner monster stacks from monster lairs and neutral cities. No game features have been changed, so you needn't worry if you like MoM just the way it is. This is a must have for any MoM fan.

An extensive mod project by Catwalk to rebalance just about all aspects of the game. Main points are too many to mention, come check it out and offer your opinion on the changes

reMaster of Magic
A new open source remake project by VM. If you have any useful skills to contribute, he'd love to hear from you.

We also host other finished projects in addition to a large collection of old MoM resources, and we will be hosting tournaments and succession games. Hope to see you there!
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