Maximize range attack

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Maximize range attack

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Hi there,

I'm playing nomads with myrran, warlord and life books. I just finished casting crusade, but the game is already pretty much won. So instead of crushing the two remaining wizards I want to have some fun and was wondering how much I can increase the range attack of my adamantium champion rangers.

Although I don't have Lionheart, fortunately I found the Archangel spell in a ruin and he can cast it. But can I get more than champion, adamantium and lionheart? Since I found 1 chaos book, it should be possible to get flame blade, which if I remember correctly increases arrows too. But all the other spells (and stuff like holy bonus, leadership, etc.) increase only to-hit and melee, right?

Would be great if someone had anymore ideas. Also, not only for my special game setup but maybe what would be the theoretical maximum in general. In the meantime I check out the remaining chaos nodes and see if I can get my hands on the Flame Blade spell.

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