Flying non-corporeal units

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Flying non-corporeal units

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I'd noticed for a while now that Shadow Demons in MoM IME are able to move 2 tiles per turn overland and Wraiths are able to move 4, but only just got around to really looking at why. The answer was on the MoM Wiki - that Non-corporeal gets overridden if the unit also has Flight.

So I tried this example in the original MoM: Take a unit of cavalry and a unit of cockatrices, both of which can normally move 2 tiles overland. Cast Wraithform on both of them. And sure enough, the cavalry now get to move 4 tiles overland (movement 2, at half a movement point per tile) and the cockatrices can still only move 2 tiles (movement 2, at 1 movement point per tile).

That to me is nonsense. Non-corporeal means the unit is of ghostly appearance and able to pass through all physical matter. So any such units should automatically be able to fly, the Flight skill should be irrelevant to them as far as movement is concerned. And even if Flight does make some difference, it shouldn't be an impediment to them and make them move slower - after all they can always choose not to fly, and to move along the ground instead if for some reason that is faster.

So instead I've fixed it just by saying that all non-corporeal units take a whole movement point per tile. Then Shadow Demons and Wraiths have the same movement as in the original MoM, and those non-corporeal cavalry don't zip around 4 tiles per turn because they have the "advantage" of not flying.
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