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Language file differences from >

Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2016 10:40 am
by Implode
Spell book section SC09 renamed from "Special unit spells" to "Healing spells"
Added spell book sections SC10,11,12.

Changed description of Earth Lore spell (SP010).
Change name of Disrupt spell to Disrupt Wall (SP082).

Under language categories/entries:
* Added frmSurveyor/Corrupted
* Added many "Dispel" entries under "SpellCasting"
* Added VariableMana/Dispel
* Added many entries under "SpellTargetting"
* Renamed NewTurnMessages/ConstructionCompletedCategory to ConstructionCategory, and text
* Added NewTurnMessages/ConstructionAborted
* Renamed NewTurnMessages/TargetSpellChosen to TargetSpellChosenNamed
* Added NewTurnMessages/TargetSpellChosenUnnamed
* Renamed NewTurnMessages/TargetSpellChosenLastTurn to TargetSpellChosenLastTurnNamed
* Added NewTurnMessages/TargetSpellChosenLastTurnUnnamed

I think that's it...